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Presentation Felicia model

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I introduce you to Felicia!
Continue the detailed presentation of the models of the Spring / Summer 2018 collection. As I told you some are "basic models" and will be present in the next collections, one of them is definitely the Felicia skirt.

The Felicia model is a longuette half skirt (below the knee) with a very retro flavor. It is a very versatile model, can be made in many fabrics and is really good at all. It is a unique size that dresses from 38 to 52, but on request I can make it up to size 64.

The full skirt is definitely one of my favorite models of tailoring. Since I made it for the first time at the university modeling course I fell in love with it and over time I have tried all the wheel sizes, from a full wheel to a 1/4 wheel, choosing the half wheel as a base because it has the fall and wearability that I prefer. I love this model also because I'm a lover of the '50s style and pin up.

In the Spring / Summer 2018 Collection, you will find the Felicia skirt made of: viscose, Giappo print, viscose, Paisley print and cotton for Flamingo print furnishings. But I'm sure I'll add more fantasies soon! Like any model also Felicia can be made in other sizes and other fabrics according to your needs and availability, contact me with the appropriate section Contact me in the main menu or directly by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Good shopping to everyone!

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